Ohio mom faces deportation after traffic stop

PAINESVILLE, Ohio (KTRK) -- An Ohio mother of four faces deportation after her immigration status was revealed during a traffic stop.

Beatriz Morelos has lived in the U.S. for 17 years. In late July, she was pulled over just east of Cleveland and arrested for driving without a license when an officer discovered she was in the country illegally.

Morelos was placed in the custody of Immigration & Customs Enforcement and is scheduled to be deported to Nuevo Laredo, a crime-ridden city considered one of the most dangerous in Mexico.

Her attorney said current immigration code prevented her from working to obtain citizenship.

"It is absolutely impossible for people in her situation and in many other people's situations to correct their status with how the laws are written now," Elizabeth Ford, Morelo's attorney, told WEWS-TV. "If she was able to correct her status, she absolutely would have just like many of the other people would."

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