Officers' rescuer says he was there "at the right moment"

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Oscar Flores was there at "the right moment" when he saw a police SUV slam into a vehicle and roll over, before bursting into flames.

Two officers were responding to call in the 10,000 block of Telephone Road when their Tahoe was struck by a vehicle.

"I heard the officers yelling for help inside the vehicle. I looked around for something to break the windows but I couldn't find nothing, so I just kicked the windows open. The window busted open I got one of the officers out," said Flores

That officer was, Alonzo Reid. Flores and Reid tried to get the other officer, John Daily, out.

"I reached in there and grabbed his partner's hand and I said come on let's get out," Flores said.

Flores says the officer was stuck and suddenly the Tahoe caught fire.

"My pants caught on fire when the truck caught on fire.. Cause I was on my knees trying to get the officer out and gasoline was on my pants," Flores said.

Eventually, the other officer was able to get out of the vehicle with help.

Flores said, "I just feel good for what I did. I guess I was there at the right moment.

"If I had a chance to save somebody's life I would do it again yes."

Both officers are at Hermann Hospital and expected to recover.

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