Houston-area man wounded in Odessa shooting rampage

ODESSA, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston area man is one of 23 people injured in the mobile rampage shooting in Odessa on Saturday.

Fatai Quadri, 41, of Katy, is listed in stable condition at Midland Memorial Hospital.

Two days after bullets and bloodshed across the city of Odessa, crime scenes are finally beginning to clear, small memorials are forming and the names of the lives lost have been released.

Mary Granados was alone in her postal service minivan when the shooter killed her and hijacked the vehicle.

She was on the phone with her twin sister at the time.

"I just wish she was here with me, you know. I wish this was just a dream," said Rosie Granados.

The youngest of the victims, 15-year-old Leilah Hernandez, was car shopping with her family at a local dealership Saturday.

Her brother was injured and remained in an Odessa hospital Monday in fair condition.

Investigators said Seth Ator, 36, was fired from his job the morning of the shooting.

"Saturday morning, our suspect went to work at Journey Oilfield Service. He was there for a short time and was terminated by his employer," said Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke.

At a press conference Monday, police said Ator called 911 several times, speaking with dispatchers but was incoherent. He then called the FBI national tip line.

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"He called. He's called us before. It was again the rambling statements of someone who has some mental distress. He didn't threaten. He didn't say much to help us," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs.

Combs added just 15 minutes later, in a complete coincidence, DPS troopers tried to pull him over on I-20 for a routine traffic stop. The 36-year-old opened fire with an assault style rifle out his rear window.

The gunman caused havoc and horror as he sprayed bullets at cars and people. His mobile shooting spree created more than 15 separate crime scenes. After crashing the hijacked USPS minivan at a local movie theater, he was killed by police.

Investigators said a search of his home made it clear: he was on a long downward spiral well before Saturday's rampage.

"It's a very strange residence. It's very small. I can tell you the conditions reflect what we believe his mental state was going into this. Just to echo on something that the chief said, he was on a long spiral of going down. He didn't wake up Saturday morning and walk into his company and then it happened," said Combs.

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Investigation continues into why this mass shooting happened and more on the gunman.

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