Save money on these fall favorites in October

Monday, October 3, 2016

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- October brings a chance to save big bucks on some things that you can use right now.

First, check out a new car!

Now is the time to find the best deals on 2016 model vehicles.

The new models are coming out and dealers are looking to get rid of inventory.

Look for cars that have been on the lot 'longer' for better deals.

The start of October also means you have the chance to find great deals on Halloween costumes.

Some stores already slashed prices, while others are offering deals when you buy a costume and accessories.

If you're dreaming of a European vacay, now is the time!

You can save money on big trips.

Fall might be here but Texas temperatures are still perfect for backyard dinners.

Now is the time to save big on patio furniture.

You'll also find the best deals on denim jeans this month.

Start thinking now for those spring camping trips.

October is the month to stock up on camping gear for a fraction of what you'll spend in the spring.