Fan seen throwing 96 mph pitch signs contract with Oakland A's

OAKLAND, California -- A fan has landed a minor league contract after showing off his skills at a stadium speed pitch cage.

Nathan Patterson could be considered the real life "Rookie of the Year."

Patterson is about to go from a regular 23-year-old dude with a dream to a professional baseball player.

Patterson stepped into a speed pitch radar booth set up for fans at a July Colorado Rockies game and threw some serious heat - an impressive 96 miles per hour!

"A 96 miles per hour is excellent. It is major league quality. You don't expect to see that on the concourse, you expect to see that on the field of play," USA Today's Christine Brennan said.

His brother posted the video online and it blew up.

The Oakland A's took notice and were calling him with a deal just a few days later. He signed a contract on Thursday.

"The percentage of prospects who do something like what Nate Patterson did, who can make it to the Major Leagues, the odds are so stacked against you to do that. The reason that this story is so interesting is because it doesn't happen very often, if at all," Brennan said.

Patterson hadn't played since high school, but stepped back on the diamond last August. Then in the middle of his training, he almost lost it all after a car accident.

Patterson dedicated himself to physical therapy, joining a rec league to stay in shape and be ready for anything to come his way.

On Instagram, Patterson called the journey a roller coaster, and thanked his family for always supporting him in his dream.
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