Nutcracker Market: Top 5 items to snap up at the event this weekend

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's that time of year again. The Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market opened Thursday, and plenty of goodies are to be had.

The one-stop holiday shop has more than 270 merchants offering different items, so finding your way around might feel overwhelming.

To help you out, we've scoured the shopping event for the top five items you might want to add to your list for a family member, friend or even yourself!

Number five on the list is something for those who are a little forgetful.

"I invented this belt buckle. It carries your cards, so you don't have to carry a wallet when you come to the Nutcracker Market. You can just toss your ID, debit card, credit cards in there, and they slide right in," said WalletBuckle inventor Trevor Johnston.

The number four item is perfect for the kids seeking a little adventure.

"My wife and I just came up with the idea of making a bow and arrow that kids could actually shoot and this is our design," said Neil Kahrs of Bullseye Bow.

For number three, you can choose between more than 1000 prayer candles featuring your favorite celebrities.

"Being here in Houston, we have our Astros candle. (Jose) Altuve has been probably one of the more popular ones, but we have the whole team as well. Willie Nelson, because it's Texas. And then Ruth Bader Ginsberg for the political side," said Illuminidol's Gavin Imdburso.

Number two is for all of you with a sweet tooth and it lets you put chocolate on anything.

"That's why we're called Chocolate Pizazz. We have it on everything, pretzels, cookies, Fritos, the potato chips, moonpies," said Chocolate Pizazz's Jeri Wolff.

For all of you who always wanted a pony, you're going to love number one.

"This is a retro toy. All the great things come back again. It's a heavy duty child's toy designed to last," said Rhonda Orto of the PonyPal Stable.

The toy is on wheels, so you can even take it for a ride - or a race!

The Nutcracker Market is open through Sunday at NRG Center.

What you need to know about Nutcracker Market

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