North Shore football player knows his mission is to help others

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- North Shore Mustangs starting center Luke Chavanne knew at a early age that he had a calling to help others.

For the last three years, Luke and his father, Tim, who is a trainer for the Mustangs, have traveled to Peru on missionary trips.

"God comes first and gives us those opportunities," Luke said. "To be able to go to a foreign country where people truly have nothing and give them hope, it is truly amazing."

Coaches and teammates understand how important Luke's spiritual life is. He's described as one of those athletes who talks the talk and walks the walk.

"He leads prayers and does a good job of keeping guys grounded," said offensive line coach Cory Laxen. "I think he gets that from his mission trips."

Luke loves the game of football, but if he had to pick a state championship over a missionary trip, there's no doubt which he would choose first.

"Definitely a missionary trip," Luke said. "There is nothing like being able to win a state championship with North Shore. That is a great dream I would like to fulfill, but God comes first."
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