White Oak Music Hall reaches settlement in long standing fight with neighbors

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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White Oak Music Hall reaches settlement in long standing fight with neighbors

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- White Oak Music Hall finally reached a settlement in the long standing lawsuit with their north side neighbors over a noise complaint.

"This is a historic moment in the city of Houston. A community came together to enforce their legal rights to control sound in its neighborhood," Houston Attorney Cris Feldman said.

The attorney who filed the lawsuit for three neighbors with noise complaints said the settlement agreement limits when shows can be held and monitors sound levels.

Feldman stated that White Oaks Music Hall now has a limitation on the number of shows they can have, limitations on how late shows can last on school nights - shows can be no later than 9:30 p.m. - and no shows during student STAAR testing nights.

The neighbors and White Oak Music Hall also agreed that a real sound monitoring system would be set up on the music hall's patio to show real-time sound levels.

Feldman said that the neighbors will be able to monitor the sound system at all times. There will also be a camera set up above the sound system to avoid tampering of any kind.

The attorney said if White Oak Music Hall violates the court's order they could be taken to court again and fined up to $15,000 for violations.

"This is a major first step for neighbors in the near north-side to control sound coming from White Oak. To be sure, residents are cautiously optimistic but will remain vigilant, and are prepared to hold White Oak fully accountable if this opportunity is blown," says Feldman. "The settlement between the neighbors and White Oak is a ground breaking and novel solution, that will also hopefully assist city elected officials with finding solutions, rather than creating and ignoring problems."