Momma Watt shows supports for sons with Texans, Chargers t-shirt

LOS ANGELES, California (KTRK) -- Sunday's Texans vs. Chargers game was one in the books for the Watt family as JJ and Derek Watt went head to head.

Fans showed up sporting their favorite team's jersey, but one particular fan showed up with a unique jersey of her own. Their mom, Connie Watt, wore a t-shirt with both the Texans and Chargers logos.

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ABC13's Greg Bailey shared a photo of Momma Watt, saying, "Note the Texans logo is on top of the Charges logo."

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But that was not the only sweet family moment.

Before the game kicked-off, the Texans' defensive end was caught playing a game of peek-a-boo on the sidelines with his nephew Logan.

As much as he tried, the son of the Chargers' fullback did not seem too impressed by his uncle J.J.

Later on, the Texans went on to defeat the Chargers 27 to 20.
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