Residents on alert for coyotes after attack on dog

MEYERLAND (KTRK) -- The alert went out on 'Next Door' App after a little girl's heartbreaking experience with her dog in their fenced yard. The alert also included a warning to neighbors that they believed it may have been a coyote that took it.

Up and down Lumbar Street where it happened, near the home of the Greyhounds at Johnston Middle School, many homeowners have pets and take them on evening walks.

"I have a dog and about everybody up and down the street has dogs so it's definitely a concern," Saby Gopal said.

Lt. Kevin Glass, a game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation says a coyote in this more urban area would be unusual and identifying a coyote isn't always easy.

"They can be difficult. Coyotes there are all sizes whether juveniles and adults and have different color faces and sometimes they even interbreed. You can certainly mistake a dog for a coyote," said Lt. Glass.

He says suburban developments pushing into rural areas would be more a more likely location for a coyote spotting. This could be a stray dog, pack of dogs or coyote mix that attacked the dog in the Meyerland area.

"For kid's sake and having wild dogs around here for sure, dogs on the loose that could hurt kids or other animals," said concerned neighbor Stephen Batten.

Whatever it was, the warning says it attacked the little girls dog and she hasn't seen him since. Westbury Care, an animal rescue group, is trying to help the family but the dog is still missing Wednesday night.

Game wardens say it's best to keep your pets and children close by if you fear there is a threat.
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