ZOMBIE DWI: Woman arrested for two drunk driving offenses in same night

Catherine Butler, 26, was arrested for DWI twice, during what police say was a three-hour drinking binge in Gates, New York. All while dressed up as a zombie.

According to ABC 13 Rochester, Butler was caught driving without her lights on after leaving a Halloween party on early Saturday. Police say Butler's blood alcohol level was 0.11 percent when she was arrested. She was then released after a friend came to pick her up.

But just less than three hours later Butler found herself behind bars again for driving drunk. Police say this time Butler's blood alcohol level was 0.09 percent. The legal driving limit is 0.08 percent. According to police, this is Butler's fourth time police have busted her for driving drunk.

"Two prior driving while impaired convictions and 26 years old and she's still out driving drunk. It's just hard to understand why people continue to do that and the consequences of continuing to do that," Gates Police Chief James Vanbrederode told ABC 13 Rochester.

Butler's first two DWI charges were reduced to impaired driving charges, which allowed her to keep her license.
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