Girl calls 911, takes video and photos of Massachusetts home invader

AUBURN, MA (KTRK) -- A quick-thinking 12-year-old in Auburn, Massachusetts helped police catch a man who tried to break into her home.

The girl, who was home alone, is heard telling the dispatcher that a man kept knocking at her neighbor's door and hers, pulling at the back doors trying to get in, ABC affiliate WCVB-TV reports.

"There's a guy trying to break in," the girl calmly tells dispatchers. "He has no car and he's trying to break in, and I'm home alone and I don't know what to do."

Dispatchers asked the girl which door the man was at so police could quickly find him when they got on scene.

"He knocked on the door first, then he went to the neighbor's house and then he kept trying to knock on the back door and tug at it, and then he was banging on the garage," she said.

The young girl then told the dispatcher she was going to go hide in a closet, but first she took several photos and even a video of the man trying to get inside her home.

"She gave us an excellent description," Auburn Detective Sgt. Scott Mills told WCVB-TV. "It was very accurate and the suspect was apprehended a short distance away."

The 53-year-old suspect faces multiple charges. The 12-year-old girl was not hurt. null
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