Suspect wanted for stealing woman's identity to get more than $11K worth of plastic surgery

LAKELAND, Florida -- Florida police are searching for a woman accused of stealing another woman's identity to get thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery.

Nyaira Thomas, 20, is all about showing off her brand new look on social media - from top to bottom. She had plastic surgery on her breasts, buttocks and lips with some liposuction in between.

But Lakeland police say she got all of it done after stealing someone else's identity and personal information.

Police began an investigation earlier this month after a Watson Clinic in Lakeland made a forgery report.

According to police, Thomas received breast implants, liposuction of her flanks, with the fat from the flanks placed in her buttocks on Feb. 20. The procedures cost $10,495.

Then on Feb. 27, Thomas received one CC of Juvederm in her lips, which cost $530.

Officials at the clinic told investigators that an Illinois woman alerted authorities and the clinic that her identity and personal information had been stolen.

Police say that she even used her friend as a pawn, by using her address at the Watson Clinic.

"She wanted to get her breasts done and didn't want her mom to know," Alyssa Tucker, the suspect's friend, told WFTS.

Police say if and when they arrest Thomas, she'll likely owe money to the Illinois victim and get a few years in jail.

Investigators are still trying to track her down, but friends believe she may be in Atlanta.

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