Maryland woman ticketed after car trapped by crime scene

WASHINGTON DC -- A Maryland woman is outraged about a parking ticket she got while out to dinner in Washington DC earlier this month.

Lynne Zaris received the citation after she couldn't get to her car, which was trapped by a crime scene. But then she got another parking ticket when met a TV news crew to do a story about it.

It was April 9 that Zaris had parked her car near the restaurant she was dining at. That same night, a gunman had fatally shot a security guard at the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters.

The shooting suspect led police on a chase that ended near the restaurant. He was captured, but a crime scene remained, trapping Zaris' car.

She couldn't get to it, so she went home and would retrieve it the following day. But when she came back, she found a parking ticket on her car.

"They have nerve to give me a ticket?" she said "They should be sending me a letter of apology."

She's fighting that ticket, but now has another one she got while doing the news story. She parked and got out of her car to flag down the WJLA news crew and in the time it took her to do that, she got another parking ticket.
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