ABC13 Investigates digs through trash back up to help elderly woman with messy problem

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- When the flood rains came a few weeks ago, a 94-year-old Houston woman watched her trash can float away.

Thankfully the water didn't come in her house, but she waited weeks trying to get a new can from the city.

Doris Graham told ABC13 that 311 operators told her, "They'll get to it as soon as they can."

After calling 311 more than a dozen times, her family called our ABC13 Investigates Reporter Ted Oberg.

Doris grew tired of piling the trash on top of her recycling can. Her dog ate through the compostable bags the city of Houston requires. She scooped up the shards and trash and put them in a black garden bag.

Even though the city wouldn't give her a new can, a trash collector looked right at her and put violation stickers on the black bags.

The collector told Graham he couldn't pick them up.

"I begged him to take it. He wouldn't do it," she said.

So, the bags sat.
"Have you called your city council person?" Ted Oberg asked.

"That's Mike next door," Graham responded.

Houston Councilman Mike Laster is Graham's next-door neighbor. The two share a fence. ABC13 Investigates called the councilman's office and the solid waste department.

Amazingly, not 30 minutes after that phone call, Doris had her new can.

"I am glad it's solved. I'm glad to see my garbage can," she added.

She also has permission to call Councilman Laster's cell phone the next time she needs any help.

If you need help, let ABC13 Investigates know. null
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