Woman raising funds to give homeless man killed in DWI wreck a proper funeral

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Beneath an overpass at the Gulf Freeway and Airport Boulevard was his home.

"We brought in food, whether it was homemade food or bought something from him," good Samaritan Adriana Castro Garcia said.

He was a man with a story that no one knew, except how it ended.

"I really don't watch TV or listen to the radio so I had no idea what happened until the beginning of this month," good Samaritan Rosa Quintero said.

Quintero and Castro Garcia didn't know the man, but noticed he was gone. They found out his name was Duc Van Tran, an Asian homeless man. He was sleeping under the overpass on May 12 when, around 2am, police say Jamie Dorn was driving drunk, jumped the curb and ran him over, killing him.

"I was actually really, really sad," Quintero said.

Sad but compelled to do something. Quintero called the medical examiner's office. No one had claimed Tran.

"And I told her.... is there a way I can somehow claim his remains as weird as it sounds. She says yes you can, just know that it is expensive."

Now these two are on a quest to raise money.

"I just want to be able to provide him a nice funeral," Quintero said.

"I mean he was somebody he needs somebody to at least say hey we saw you here and you are part of us even though there was no communication you mattered to somebody," Castro Garcia said.

The two strangers couldn't imagine a moment in Tran's shoes. He had a rough bed, now they're hoping to give him a new, peaceful resting place.

"If you can help, help -- even if it's just a prayer; prayer goes a long way," Castro Garcia said.

To donate money to help raise money for Tran's funeral, you can donate to this GoFundMe account. null
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