Woman known as 'Kayla Kupcakes' flashes Florida judge in court

BROWARD COUNTY, FL (KTRK) -- A woman known as 'Kayla Kupcakes' decided to flash the judge overseeing her bond hearing.

Kupcakes, whose real name is Susan Marie Surrette, had been arrested on a disorderly intoxication charge, ABC affiliate WPLG-TV reports.

The court hearing started off fairly normal. Judge John Hurley asks her what she does for a living.

"I work as a hair dresser," Surrette tells the judge before unveiling her second career. "I'm an escort, too."

A website for Kayla Kupcakes shows she's "a porn star, escort and private dancer with a knack for some fetishes," WPLG-TV reports.

The court hearing then takes an even more bizarre turn as Surrette starts claiming she was mistreated in jail.

"I've been beaten up by police. And also this too," Surrette said as she lifted up her shirt to show the judge her breasts.

"Oh, my Lord," the judge responds.

Surrette's attorney then quickly jumped in to her defense.

"She's somebody that needs help," Surrette's attorney said. "She's not going to get the help that she needs at the jail."

The judge then set her bond at $100 and ordered that she get a medical evaluation.
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