Woman hospitalized after burglars smash into store

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A woman spent Friday afternoon in the hospital after thieves used a truck to smash into the front of a convenience store, sending her flying off a chair to the ground.

It happened at a store located off Little York and Cheeves Drive. Security camera video shows a Ford F-250 violence smash through the frame of the store, sending gas and goods flying everywhere.

Carolyn Lake was sitting at a gaming machine at the front of the store when the crooks smashed their way inside. Video shows the truck hit her, causing her to fly off the chair and violently hit the ground. She is grateful to be alive.

"It was so quick. I hit the floor and I saw nothing but that machine on top of me and the glass," Lake said, "I dragged myself from under there. I was trying to hide in the restroom. I thought they'd come in there and kill me."

Lake was treated for minor injuries at a Harris County hospital.

Tap here for photos of the damage.

Her son Kinaire Rhodes drove her home.

"It wouldn't be fair for me to lose my mother because somebody wants to get a little money from an ATM machine," Rhodes said.

Rhodes said his mother goes to the store most nights to try to win money on the machines.

"I feel sorry for her," said store manager Saleem Chunara. "She was sitting, waiting for her son to pick her up."

Chunara says the thieves tried to take an ATM, but they were able to load it into the back of the truck. The four suspects then took off on foot.

Chunara says the crash caused more than $25,000 in damage. He's hoping police catch all four men quickly.

"I just try to urge HPD to catch these kind of folks and get them (behind bars)," Chunara said. null
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