Possible third victim comes forward after ABC-13 report on alleged molester

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Sherri heard a knock on her door around 1:30am on December 7. She thought it was her neighbor.

"But when I opened the door, I realized I had opened the door for the wrong person," she says.

She tells Eyewitness News a man forced his way in. She believes it's the same man charged with sexually assaulting two elderly women in senior apartment communities on the north side, Fred Hubbard. She's 54. Hubbard's two alleged victims were 67 and 63.

Sherri's apartment was at Hometowne on Wayside. That's in northeast Houston.

She says she woke up from a nap Monday to see his face on Eyewitness News.

"And I just started hollering and crying. I said, 'That is him!," she said.

Sherri tells us the man who attacked her demanded all her money and her television.

"And then he stood behind me and started saying sexual things that I never would answer," she said.

She says when she tried to walk away, he pulled her hair and they fought. He allegedly tried to make her lay in her bed. She refused.

"He said take your clothes off. And when I took my clothes off, he tied me up," Sherri says. "And when he tied me up, he said I'm trying to let you make it, because I was steady praying."

She tells us the man left with her television, and she called 911 when the coast was clear.

We called HPD to check on her case and a spokesman tells us they've reached out to her, and will try to determine whether Hubbard is a suspect or not.

Sherri says she hasn't slept at her apartment since that night. She's currently staying with relatives.

Investigators are asking any other women who may think Hubbard assaulted them to call the sex crimes unit at 713-274-9370.
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