Woman accused of leaving 7 children malnourished, locked inside room cries in court

FORT BEND COUNTY (KTRK) -- Paula Sinclair, 54, is charged in the case of seven children found malnourished and locked in a room. She got emotional during a hearing Thursday because she can't stand being in jail, her attorney said.

"Nobody wants to be in jail. No one. And that's universal," defense attorney Don Hecker said.

The hearing at the Fort Bend County Courthouse was intended for the attorney to ask the judge to lower Sinclair's $200,000 bond.

"She can't afford that. She's asking for a bond reduction," Hecker said.

That hearing was reset for February.

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The bond covers two charges against Sinclair -- injury to a child and kidnapping charges concerning just two children. Investigators report finding seven special needs kids, all adopted by Sinclair, in a boarded-up room which was described as smelling of human waste.

Hecker said he excepts more charges are likely.

"(From) what the DA has said, they do anticipate more charges," he said.

The judge did grant Sinclair a new lawyer in the hearing. Sinclair's family members hired Hecker to represent her instead of the court appointed attorney.

Sinclair was arrested along with Allen Richardson. He was not a part of the hearing. His bond was also set at $200,000.

The children were placed in state custody.

Attorneys expect this case to go before a grand jury next month.
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