Witness: Woman used pants to stop gunshot victim's bleeding

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A family enjoying an evening in their front yard came to the rescue of a gunshot victim Tuesday.

Exclusive cell phone video shows a man who had been shot in the arm and leg limping into a neighbor's driveway near Villawood Lane looking for help.

Ghalid Ataya and his family were outside at the time.

"I saw him and right when he got to this mailbox over here he started screaming," Ataya said. "And my brother was over here at the doorway. My brother ran and helped him. There's still dried blood all over our door."

Several neighbors jumped into action and one woman, who appeared to know the man who was shot, took off her pants to stop his bleeding.

"There was another woman involved," Ataya said. "We don't know how but there was anger being shown toward the woman from the woman who was helping the guy."

Investigators with the Houston Police Department are still trying to shake out the facts among conflicting statements from family members.

According to police, a woman told investigators a man threw a brick through her window, almost hitting her, so she shot that man.

The man who was shot told police he was walking away from the house when another man shot him.

"I'm happy we got to help him," Ataya said. "He's in the hospital. I'm happy he found someone to call the police for him because otherwise he would have been running down the street waiting for someone to help."

The Harris County District Attorney's Office has not accepted criminal charges, pending further investigation.

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