Witness fired upon after tailing suspected hair thieves

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The latest target of hair extension thieves is 'She's Happy Hair' on the North Freeway near Greens Road.

At least one gunman barged into the store late Tuesday morning. Employees inside locked themselves in a back room while the robbers stuffed the pricey hairpieces in a pillowcase.

That's only part of the story...

Behind the strip center is a neighborhood, and a witness saw two people with a full pillowcase walking down the street. When they got into a car, he followed.

A few blocks away, the robbers noticed the truck trailing them. Suddenly their pursuer heard the sound of gunfire and felt bullets hitting his pickup. Moments later, two of the windows in his truck shattered. The driver's side of the truck was peppered with bullet holes, fired from two different guns.

And yet he was unhurt. When asked how he avoided injury, he said his seat was reclined, which may have improved his odds of survival. Despite the drama, the robbers got away.

When asked if he'd follow another fleeing robber, he said perhaps, but next time, "I'll have a bullet proof vest."
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