Wild turkey breaks into Rhode Island home, damages bathroom

WARWICK, RI (KTRK) -- A wild turkey broke into a Rhode Island home and flooded a bathroom.

Nancy Page told ABC affiliate WLNE-TV she came home in late April and found the bird.

"The door was open and I rounded the corner and there was a turkey- sitting on my vanity," she explained.

The turkey had crashed through a window and somehow managed to turn on a faucet. Page says there was water, glass, and feathers all over the room.

She called 911.

"My emergency was water gushing through the ceiling... and a turkey in my bathroom," said Page. "She (the dispatcher) said what? And I said it again and said this really is true."

Emergency crews were able to prod the bird out of the bathroom. It flew away unharmed.

"Everybody has gotten a really good laugh out of this because it is so comical. No one was hurt so we're real thankful for that," said Page.
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