What's turning the water green in Sienna Plantation?

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The water is green in Sienna Plantation, but the city says it's nothing to worry about

There's something in the water in Sienna Plantation. It's a mystery right now that not even the city can answer -- what is making the water green?

When Jason Giles was filling up his bathtub, he didn't exactly notice the green water right away.

He is color blind.

"I typically write off things when I see that they are a different color because I'm colorblind," he said. "But when I ran the bath last night, I noticed it was a different shade."

You would only see the discoloration if you're taking a bath. The yellow, greenish hue becomes noticeable after a few inches have filled up.

Shower water comes out clear, which is why it took the Giles so long to notice.

Other neighbors in Sienna Plantation in Missouri City say they've had the same problem for several days now.

"My wife noticed it last night but she thought maybe the kids might have put soap in the water," said Sienna Plantation resident Ted Borel. "But upon doing it this morning, I just had my tub cleaned out, I noticed it's still green."

Families there have expressed concerns over possible rashes and illnesses. And though the water is clouded at times, the city says there is no health risk.

A spokesperson with the city of Missouri City Regional Surface Water plant, which provides water to Sienna Plantation, released the following statement.

    Missouri City receives surface water from the Brazos River. The surface water is received from the river and stored at the site. The surface water is treated to remove sediment and filtered through advanced treatment membranes. The water is then treated to Federal and State water quality standards.

    In response to concerns regarding the clarity of water being provided by the City of Missouri City Regional Surface Water Plant to the Sienna Plantation Municipal Utility District No.1, the goal of the plant is to treat the water to the highest standards even though no regulatory standard exists for clarity. The 50 daily tests that are conducted identified no cause at this time for the change in color, however, we are closely monitoring the situation. The tests indicated that there is a clarity issue only and at this time there are no identified health issues.

    The City takes this and all issues serious and has implemented enhanced testing procedures for continued quality control. Additionally, the most recent TCEQ inspection found that the treatment plant has no deficiencies.

    Staff has been working with Sienna Plantation Municipal Utility District No.1 operators to assist in flushing the system to improve the clarity and will continue to assist in monitoring the clarity of the water. We want to assure users that their water supply is safe and no health issues are present.
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