Dozens of cars towed Wednesday after flooding rains

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Kaleb Roten of Fast Tow Wrecker Service helped tow dozens of vehicles off a flooded highway 288 on Wednesday.

"We got around 27, 28 cars and that was all before noon," Roten said.

He towed just as many straight to repair shops. We talked this afternoon at the storage lot.

Only a handful of cars remain because most people call right away after flooding, Roten said.

"A lot of them have already come and claimed their vehicle, because they saw immediately that they wanted to get their car, and it was gone."

What if a customer doesn't think his vehicle should have been towed at all?

You can go to Harris County Justice Court, Precinct 7, Place 1 on Cullen Boulevard, to request a tow hearing in front of a judge.

The wrecker driver we talked to said many people were thankful to have their cars towed after the flooding because the cars just weren't driveable, but in some instances, you may not agree with being towed. That's when you might qualify for a tow hearing.

You'll need to file your request for a hearing within 14 days of the tow. There is a $36 filing fee. There's more information at this Harris County website - go to the bottom of the page for Tow Hearing information.
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