Water main breaks plaguing city of Houston

HOUSTON -- The new year is bringing with it new problems of the city of Houston.

And a water main break on Lazy Hollow is an ongoing problem.

Residents who live in a nearby apartment complex say this water main broke back in the first week of January and the city came out here and fixed it and then on Saturday the same thing happened all over again just a few feet away from the first break.

To make matters worse, residents say they have not been able to get in touch with anyone from the city because this is a holiday weekend. They say they want this pipe fixed, and this time for good.

But it turns out this isn't the only community dealing with water main breaks.

As of Monday, there are 252 reported breaks the city is waiting to fix since the first of this year.

Check out this interactive map of the city water breaks

The map above only shows food trucks that had violations reported by Houston health inspectors. To find out if a food truck you frequent has had any violations, make sure to run a search on the city of Houston's websites.