Carjackers speed away from Tampa gas station with car owner on hood

TAMPA, FL (KTRK) -- A thief nearly ran over a mechanic who ended up clinging to the hood of the car he was stealing. The whole thing was caught on camera.

Eddie Cruz told ABC affiliate WFTS-TV he had just finished repairing the car Tuesday and took it to a Tampa gas station to fill it up. He left the keys on the floor on the driver's side when he went inside to pay.

When two thieves spotted the keys, they ran for the car. One hopped behind the driver's wheel.

Cruz saw them and came running. The second suspect ran away, and Cruz threw a trash can at the car. The thief behind the wheel then put the car in drive, and Cruz clung to the hood as they sped off.

"If I wouldn't have reacted and fallen on top of the hood, went back, he would have run me over with the car," Cruz said.

They went about 200 feet before the thief hit the brakes.

"I just thank God that he decided to slam on the brakes and I was able to get off. If not, I don't know how far he would have taken me. He could have got into a wreck and I could have got hurt," Cruz said.

The suspect sped off then looped back around to pick up his accomplice. Police are now offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to their arrest.
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