Walmart employee captures alleged theft, fight on video; posts to Facebook

ARLINGTON, TX -- An investigation is underway after an employee at a north Texas Walmart recorded a woman allegedly stealing from the store and then getting into a fight outside. The video showed up on that employee's Facebook page, reports television station KTVT.

It happened at the store in Arlington. Video starts with the suspect allegedly shoplifting, as you hear the employees commenting about it. They follow, still recording, as she walks out of the store.

The employees confront her and try to grab her bag outside. That's when you see another unidentified woman walk up and start fighting with the suspected shoplifter.

But the employee who's recording continues to roll, and eventually ends by turning the camera on himself, saying, 'Yep, and I let it happen on Walmart property.'

The video was later posted on the employee's Facebook page, which was quickly discovered by the retailer. They released a statement that says, 'This type of behavior by a Walmart associate is completely unacceptable. We are conducting an internal investigation into this matter at this time and will take action as appropriate.'

No word on how many Walmart employees are under investigation.
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