Bumbling burglary suspects caught on video at west Harris Co. sports bar

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A group of bungling burglars are on the run after a failed effort to steal money and TVs from a West Harris County Sports Bar.

Jamie Fallon had just installed new television sets at Coaches Sports Bar & Grill owned by her family. But early Wednesday morning, a pair of thieves tried to steal what they could.

Surveillance video captured two men driving up in a white or silver van, then using a piece of concrete to smash the door open. The men first tried to steal the ATM, though they immediately ran into problems.

"They attempted to get into the first ATM machine," Fallon describes the scene captured on video. "At that time, one of the people fell down on the ground and it was pretty hilarious watching the video."

Undeterred, the thieves next tried to steal a flat screen TV mounted on the wall, as well as open the cash register. In the process, one suspect managed to show his face clearly to the surveillance cameras. There was no money inside the cash registers and the TVs were too heavy for the two thieves to take away.

"They failed miserably, unfortunately, and we got a full view picture of one of the perpetrator's faces, which is nice because we love to catch these individuals," said Fallon, adding the restaurant is now offering an $1,000 reward to catch the bad guys.

Even though the thieves couldn't take the TVs, they did manage to cause $15,000 worth of damage, and frustrate Coaches employees.

"Crazy, scary," said bartender Jamie Hirze. "You just don't think it would happen at the place where you work, or any place you're associated with."

The bar and grill is back open. Now, the focus is on the surveillance video of the bumbling bandits. They stumbled out of the sports bar with nothing, except video images that hopefully, will lead to their arrest.
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