Violent robbers in Humble caught on tape

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Violent robbers in Humble caught on tape
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Humble police say a pair of robbers work quickly and at times are violent.

HUMBLE, TX (KTRK) -- Humble police say a pair of robbers work quickly and at times are violent.

A crime spree at the end of last month covered just a few miles and investigators want to know who the men are in surveillance video.

They are armed and one is masked by a t-shirt at times.

"He pulls a t-shirt over his head and covers his nose, he wears that as his mask and is wearing gloves," Detective Tony Taylor with Humble police said.

On Nov. 30 in the early morning hours, Taylor said the van they pulled up in during their first robbery was stolen from a daycare on Atascocita Rd. Police say the men robbed a Valero gas station at Will Clayton Parkway and Wilson Road.

On their next stop, they are seen casing the place from the outside by a car wash at Wilson Road and Atascocita. They are seen waiting until a customer leaves, then they make their bold move.

The first man walks in and says 'hi' at first, then right behind him, an armed robber forces the clerk behind the counter, striking him in the head, then they both unload all the cash.

"History shows the longer they go without being caught the more violent they get," Taylor said.

The third stop of the night was at another Valero. This one, right by the daycare where the van was stolen, but this time the cashier saw the suspicious man on surveillance behind the building. When the robber went up to the door, the clerk had pulled the emergency security lock and they couldn't get in.

The men hopscotched a part of Humble quickly that night, acted dangerously and now police want your help finding them before they strike again.

If you have any information on the men call Humble Police at 281-446-7127

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