Violent fights lead to charges against La Porte teens

LA PORTE, TX (KTRK) -- Multiple La Porte High School students have been charged with assault, and police are considering additional charges against other teens.

A viewer sent us these videos of what she calls ongoing violence happening at the school and at football games.

Just yesterday, police say five guys were involved in a big fight inside the school that got so violent, a student had to be sent to the hospital.

Now, some students here at La Porte High are afraid to go to school at all.

"We don't want bullies to mess with us," says Briana Salazar, a student at La Porte. "We don't want people to come up to us and put us in the hospital like they did that poor boy. I don't think that's right."

District officials have added extra officers and is now reviewing procedures to figure out how to prevent these situations.
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