Vigil honors mother killed in accident at HEB store

A woman killed when a 74-year-old woman crashed her vehicle into a Houston grocery store earlier this week was remembered with a candlelight vigil where she died.

Carla Sanchez, 31, died Monday when that woman slammed her SUV into the checkout lanes of the Gulfgate HEB store in southeast Houston.

Sanchez was described as a woman with a strong Christian faith who died shielding her two-year-old daughter.

Her family says they don't blame the woman who caused the crash.

"She's an elderly lady. I'm not going to judge her for what happened here," brother-in-law Agustine Bautista said.

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"I'm thinking more about the barriers there in front of the store. If that barriers were pretty strong, that vehicle should never have made it inside the store like that."

A local funeral home has offered to take care of Sanchez's funeral costs.

The driver of that SUV has not been charged. Charged would depend on the results of a blood sample. null
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