Wedding videographer accused of stealing from guests

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Some newlyweds are warning others about a videographer they say stole from them and their wedding guests on their special day.

After dating for four and a half years, Tammie and Danny Ly were married on December 6, 2014. They hired Davison Troung of Eternity Photo as their videographer.

After the wedding, guests told the bride and groom they saw Troung stealing liquor and an iPhone. The Lys say $1,700 cash also went missing when Troung was in their home working.

"That's the last thing on our minds to be robbed on our wedding night," said Tammie Ly.

Troung denied it to the newlyweds and to Eyewitness News in a text message that read "I did not." The Lys filed a police report and a complaint with the Better Business Bureau where we found a total of three complaints filed since 2013.

"There appears to be a pattern in those complaints and that's mainly theft," Monica Russo of the Better Business Bureau said.

In fact, a similar complaint was filed in the summer of 2013. The bride, who did not want to be identified, sent us video that she says shows Troung swiping an iPhone.

"We want people to be aware of this," Tammy added.

The Lys just want people to know so that video of such a special day doesn't cost future couples even more.

Two of the three complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau have gone unanswered. The BBB's Monica Russo says that alone is a cause for concern.
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