VIDEO: Suspected car thief taken down by vehicle's owner

SEATTLE, WA -- A suspect got more than he bargained for when police say he tried to steal a car at a convenience store outside of Seattle, reports KIRO.

Surveillance video captured a man Pierce County deputies say is Travis Warfel walking up to a vehicle outside the store. He then jumps in and starts to back out. The vehicle's owner, Eric Harrietha, saw what was happening and ran out of the store.

"When I saw someone sitting in my driver's seat I just saw red," he told KIRO. "I was like, you know what? This guy's going to get it.".

Surveillance video shows Harrietha first try to stop the suspect by opening the passenger side door and throwing punches. The car continues to back up, even dragging Harrietha before he's able to put it in neutral.

A struggle goes on inside the vehicle, then the driver's side door opens and video shows Warfel trying to get away. But Harrietha follows him out the driver's side door and tackles him in the gas station parking lot.

"I'm lucky I had that Marshawn Lynch grip," said Harrietha, also mentioning the suspect was apologizing after he realized he wasn't getting away.

An off-duty officer happened to be nearby and came to help out.

Meanwhile, two people who police say were with Warfel took off and remain on the loose.

Warfel is in jail on $50,000 bail.

Harrietha said he had left the car running in the parking lot. He also says he's learned his lesson and won't be doing that again. null