Caught on Camera: Sinkhole suddenly swallows pedestrians

SEOUL, South Korea (KTRK) -- Scary moments for two train passengers in South Korea when they fell into a sinkhole.

Security camera video showed a male and a female getting off the train. As they start walking down the sidewalk, the ground suddenly gives way and both passengers suddenly disappear into a sinkhole in the pavement.

Both were eventually rescued by firemen and taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

"Looking at the actual sinkhole site, the key point is that water is coming out of the retaining wall. However, it is still not known whether this was the immediate cause of the ground sinking," said Cho Seong-ha with the Korean Geotechnical Society. "We are planning to figure out other causes for the sinking by looking at various construction records and by investigating the site."

The nearly 10-foot deep sinkhole is next to a construction site where two 39-story apartments are going up.
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