Video shows woman stealing potted plants on porches

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A homeowner in the Third Ward says it was as if thieves were shopping at her home when they stole a plant and furniture while cameras were recording.

The video described as "brazen" because the thieves drove up the length of the long driveway and looked around first. It then showed a woman cart off an aloe vera plant. Then her friend loaded up a plant stand.

The theft happened last Friday. Homeowner Emma Lyder admits what was stolen wasn't worth a lot, but it was still valuable.

"We worked hard and earned money and bought things so for you to just feel like you're entitled to take it, angers me," said Lyder, who lives at the home in Riverside Terrace with her husband.

The couple installed five cameras after several burglaries and thefts in the last year. One of them got a good shot of the thieves' license plate.

Eyewitness News found the car registered to a woman listed at address on Houston's southside. That woman hasn't been charged but has two previous theft convictions, according to online court records. Another woman at the home had an interesting reaction to the allegations.

Woman: "How many times have you been charged?"
Reporter: "None."
Woman: "How many times has your momma been charged?"
Reporter: "My mom's never been to jail."
Woman: "I doubt it."

The woman then called the accused thief and went inside.

Houston police have a theft report on file, but that's as far as the case has gone.
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