VIDEO: Motorcyclist attacked in Arizona road rage incident

YUMA, Ariz. -- An Arizona driver turned violent after he was allegedly cut off by a motorcyclist.

The shocking case of road rage in Yuma, Arizona was caught on a GoPro camera.

Video shows an upset driver barging out of his vehicle and punching the motorcyclist in the face. He then shoves a female passenger on the motorcycle, before punching and shoving the motorcyclist again.

"Call the cops right now. Help! Anyone?" you hear the biker yell out. "I did nothing to you!"

"Yeah! You just broke the law," the aggressor responded.

The motorcyclist eventually defends himself and pins the driver down. The driver was later taken by ambulance to the hospital with unknown injuries, KMYA-TV reports.

Detectives are still investigating, but the driver may face charges.
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