VIDEO: Amazing rescue of trapped motorcyclist in Dallas

DALLAS, X (KTRK) -- With a female motorcyclist trapped under a car and gasping for air, bystanders and police in Dallas rushed to her aid, ultimately saving her life.

We're now seeing dash cam video from that July 9 wreck. According to Dallas police, it happened a little before 10pm at Greenville Avenue and Bryan Parkway. When the motorcyclist and car collided, the motorcyclist became trapped under the car.

Several witnesses rushed in to help and within 30 seconds, Dallas police were on the scene. They first tried using a jack to free the motorcyclist, but that didn't work.

That's when Dallas police and firefighters, along with citizens got together and actually lifted the vehicle off of her.

Once they had the vehicle up, the motorcyclist was pulled out and taken to the hospital. Remarkably, her injuries were only minor.
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