Victim of east Harris County murder suspect's attempted abduction speaks out

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She encountered the accused killer just two days after he allegedly fatally stabbed a woman outside an east Harris Co. pizza restaurant (KTRK)

Sylivia Galindo says she's thankful to be alive.

"I feel like God is with me because I'm very lucky and I'm so sad about the other woman," she said.

Last Thursday, the 25 year-old was leaving the Walmart on Sam Houston when suddenly she was attacked.

"I put the bags here and here, closed the door, walk here and then I feel him behind me," said Galindo.

She says the man who ambushed her with a knife was Maytham Alsaedy.

"I feel something in my back. It was the knife pushing in my back. He tells me he wants my keys and my phone and I just give it to him. Then he put a knife in my stomach and pushed me in my car," she says.

Galindo told us Alsaedy tried to start her car but he couldn't get the key to turn so he ran off, but she went after him.

"I was loud like 'Help, help!' Call the police. Thank God there were people who heard me," she added.

Two guys heard Galindo's desperate screams for help and joined in the chase. They caught up with Alsaedy and held him on the ground until police arrived.

Here's the chilling twist: The very next day police found 22-year-old Kella Bracken's body in her car, parked outside the Peter Piper Pizza, just up the road from the Walmart. Police say Kella's body had been there for two days. She had been stabbed to death. Alsaedy charged with her murder.

Galindo is left wondering if she could she have been the next victim.

"I just think about my daughter. It was terrible," she says.

She had a message to Alsaedy.

"You're crazy man. I don't want to see you again," she said.

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