Veterinarian who bragged about killing cat won't face charges

BRENHAM, TX (KTRK) -- We've learned a Brenham veterinarian will not face charges after she allegedly posted a picture of a cat with an arrow through its head on Facebook back in April.

Kristen Lindsey allegedly wrote in a post accompanied by the photo, 'My first bow kill. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head... Vet of the year award."

At the time the photo was posted, locals feared it was a cat named Tiger, an orange and white tabby that hadn't been seen for a number of days. It's unclear whether the animal in the photo is the same cat.

Lindsey was fired from the Washington Animal Hospital in Brenham in April.

"Those actions don't any way portray what we're here for at Washington Animal Hospital," Dr. Bruce Buenger with the hospital said at the time. "We put our heart and soul in this place."

Lindsey received her vet degree from Colorado State University. She lives on what appears to be an old farm in Austin County. She has hired an attorney.

Since the posting, Lindsey has taken down her Facebook page. Another one has replaced it.
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