Neighbors say vacant house near school in Kingwood is dangerous

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- Neighbors captured cell phone video of kids sneaking in through the back gate and into a vacant Kingwood home on Little Cedar Drive. Mike McKinzie lives across the street and said, "It's the local haunted house, it's fun, it's exciting, it's dangerous."

Danger is what the neighbors say they worry about the most and it's right next to the playground of Woodland Hills Elementary. McKinzie says he's seen men handcuffed, stolen bikes recovered from the garage and witnessed what he suspects were drug deals just across the street.

A neighboring mother of three young kids says she won't even let her children walk to school because hypodermic needles have been found near the home.

"Police hate the place, they get calls there all the time," said McKinzie.

Some residents have gone as far as protesting by not paying their HOA dues. The action has led to a legal filing by both homeowners and the HOA. A spokesperson for the company that represents the North Woodland Hills HOA said they have no comment on the vacant home or the pending lawsuit.

Residents say the home was abandoned when the owner died. The city has placed multiple postings and warnings at the home.

"They need to tear it down. I've had people come by and say I want to buy it, we can't tell them who to contact," added McKinzie.

A spokesperson for the city says the property has been inspected six times since March. Inspectors noted structural issues, weeds, brush, rubbish and called it a "dangerous building." They say Tuesday the Department of Neighborhoods dangerous building inspections team will go inspect the property. If the property is found to be non-compliant, it will be referred to Legal for review and processing for a dangerous building hearing.

The neighbors have a message for the city.

"Help us," said McKinzie.

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