U.S. military bases on alert for possible terror attack

FORT HOOD, TX (KTRK) -- Right now all U.S. Military bases like Ellington Field are on a state of heightened alert for a possible terror attack.

For military families Saturday means getting off base and enjoying some family time at places like the baseball field -- a very busy day at this Athletic Complex.

We've been talking with many families who live on base or have families on base and they are well aware of that increased threat level to BRAVO that was raised yesterday.

Many of them say life goes on today. It's simply a way of life when you live in a military town. Most of them say they don't feel incredibly concerned they believe measures are being put into place to keep everyone safe. For a lot of families it's something they always think about.

"My whole family lives here. My dad retired here. I've lived here since I was about four. Sure it's a concern because you read about things and hear about things but I'm not concerned or overly concerned where I try to stay away from the base," said resident Lisa Totten.

"Life continues, going to baseball games on the weekends. You aren't worried about what's going on - on the base. They've got threat measures in place," said Steven Hobbs who lives on the base.

Some families we talked with say they are doing a few things a little differently.
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