Two suspected thieves arrested after smashing into store, robbing clerk

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A group of thieves smashed their way into an convenience store, robbing the clerk before taking off on foot.

It happened around 1:30am this morning at a store off Westpark Drive near the Southwest Freeway.

Police say five or six men backed a white Ford pickup truck into the store. They then tried to take the store's ATM, but they couldn't lift it up. Officers are not sure if the ATM was too heavy, of if the crooks simply couldn't pry it from the floor.

When those efforts went unsuccessful, the men turned their aggression towards the clerk.

"I was scared, I kept my hands raised until they left," said Petros Kenno. "I didn't see any kind of gun, but one of the (robbers) screamed to me to pull out his gun and I gave him all the money I had in my drawer."

The thieves took the $200 cash from the register and fled on foot. Minutes later, Houston police officers spotted two of the suspects and arrested them. Those suspects will now face aggravated robbery charges.

Four other suspects are still on the run.
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