TSU ramps up security following multiple shootings

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Texas Southern University is tightening up security with more officers and even a curfew.

The search continues tonight for a person of interest in a deadly shooting on the campus of Texas Southern University. This was the third shooting this semester. Now TSU is ramping up security with more officers and even a curfew.

"I think there have been too many incidents around this building," said TSU Junior Austin Smith.

There were two fatal shootings outside the University Courtyard apartments and a third shooting in front of the University Museum. The common thread in all of these shootings is the gunmen were not TSU students.

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"To have individuals that don't go to school here come on the campus and shed a bad light, in light of this violence and stuff, it's not good. It's definitely frustrating," said student Brian Eashman.

The university's new security measures include an 11 o'clock curfew in all campus housing, mandatory sign-in and sign-out at campus housing, more security officers on campus 24/7.

"Immediately after the first shooting we increased security. We didn't know how much security we needed to increase, but now we've almost tripled security," said TSU spokesperson Eva Pickens.

Non-student visitors are no longer allowed in campus housing.

"The trouble has been in these parking lots at student housing. Forces external to the campus are getting in some type of way. That's why we're particularly going to focus on that," said Pickens.

"It's kind of like overkill at this point," said freshman Chelsea Murry.

"I think it'll be a great new step to have fewer incidents around the building," said Austin Smith.

"In showing us that more security will be here definitely lightens a burden and makes it easier sleep at night," said Eashman.

We asked Eva Pickens what she'd like to say to parents who have yanked their kids out of TSU because of these shootings, parents who are considering pulling their kids, and the ones whose kids want to come to college here.

"We say we're sorry. We're going to do the best we can to protect your sons and daughters. Give us an opportunity to get it all under control," she said.

The university will make some exceptions on the curfew for students with valid reasons like work. There are also plans to beef up the campus' police department.
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