Giant hole in road causes delays in southeast Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Crews pulled out a truck that go stuck in a giant hole in the road in southeast Houston after a water main break.

Water flooded the area of Long Dr. and Telephone Rd. Thursday morning after police say a pipe busted. Two wreckers helped a truck out of the mess after the driver crashed into the hole.

"I fell in the hole, fell straight in. It felt ugly," driver Joel Hernandez said.

He said that the street was covered with water and there was no way to see the hole. His truck had a flat tire, the front suspension is broken and the rear axle was damaged.

City workers tell us that they are turning the water off, then dig down to the source of the leak. It's expected to take five hours to clear, which could be a traffic delay.

In the meantime, there's a veterinarian clinic nearby that will be without water for a while.

It's unclear on what caused the water main break.
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