Tow truck driver helps police find hit and run suspect

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A vigilant tow truck driver helped police capture a hit and run suspect.

Houston Police are investigating a hit-and-run off of the North Freeway feeder, just south of west road.

Witnesses say a man was leaving a club around 3:15 on Saturday morning. He walked into road was hit by a car.

A tow truck driver witnessed the whole thing and said when he didn't see the driver stop, he followed him. He followed the hit-and-run driver several miles to a home. Then the tow truck driver called police.

Officers took the man into custody.

"I'm glad the wrecker driver did because he is our eyewitness and without him seeing the crash, without him following our suspect, it would take us a little bit longer to be able to identify our suspect if we could," said Sgt Derick Hall with the Houston Police Department.

The man who was hit died at the scene.
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