Disabled veteran finds anonymous note on windshield from fellow serviceman

It's just a photo with a quick note, but the touching moment between a disabled Vietnam veteran and a Marine shows the incredible bond between people who have served across the armed forces.

The image features a crumpled $10 bill next a note which reads, "Lunch is on me, soldier! Thank you for your dedicated service. From a retired marine chopper pilot - Semper Fi."

The man who received the note uploaded it to content-sharing site Reddit with a few notes on his own backstory. He told us his car is marked with Purple Heart plates, which is why the Marine recognized he was a fellow serviceman.

The veteran, still doesn't know the name of the Marine who left the note, but he does have a message for him:

"I just would really like that man, pardon me, that marine, to see and know that his actions were truly moving and brought tears to myself and my wife's eyes. Truly an upstanding gesture and I hope others do the same for their brothers in arms that are all around them. Even the smallest gesture can make the biggest difference to someone. Just knowing there are people out there watching over us who understand the hardships we face when returning to the world bring joy to all those who surround us."

The note has been shared thousands of times and people have left several heartwarming comments - all adding up to one incredible community supporting our troops.

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