Thief nabs prescription medications during open house

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- An unidentified woman snatched a bottle of prescription medics

She was the first person to stop at the weekend open house in the Villages of Cypress Lakes, according to realtor Christina Delatorre, who thought the woman was a legitimate potential buyer.

"She was very friendly, talkative, took my flier. She was like, 'Bless your heart for having an open house on a rainy day,'" Delatorre recalls.

She says the woman pulled up in a white Infiniti SUV, was very polite and took her shoes off as she indicated interest in the home, starting in the master bedroom. "She was in the master for less than a minute, then I went in," said Delatorre.

The realtor says the woman told her she was meeting her sister there, but her sister was running late. So Delatorre gave her some privacy to make a phone call to her sister. What she didn't know at the time was that, on the other side of the kitchen wall, the woman snooped through cabinets, grabbing a pill bottle from one of them.

"She turns and you can see her put something in her purse and then turns back towards me," said Delatorre. As the realtor came around the corner the woman closed the cabinet. The sellers later spotted the woman while reviewing surveillance video of their home.

They checked the cabinets and say a bottle of narcotics was missing. "It's just a warning to all agents and all sellers to be very vigilant and keep an eye on people when they are going through the house," said Delatorre.

The agent estimates the woman was only in the home for about four minutes. She finished by saying her sister wasn't going to be able to make it then put her shoes back on and said a cordial goodbye.
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