Washington teen's promposal with fake suicide bomb vest goes bust with school officials

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A teen's promposal has led to his suspension from school (KTRK)

A teen's promposal is costing him a chance to attend the big dance in Washington state this weekend.

High school senior Ibrahim Ahmad got on stage in the cafeteria of his high school in Washington State with a sign which read, "I know it's a little late, but I'm kind of the bomb! Will you be my date to prom?"

At the same time, he was wearing a vest made to look like a suicide bomb.

Ahmad said, "It was some paper tubes and a paintball vest. It was very terrible. It didn't even look like a bomb. I figured it was really funny and everyone else who was there thought it was good and funny."

The girl he asked accepted the promposal, but school administrators didn't think the effort was funny. Ahmad is suspended from school for five days, which includes the school's prom on Saturday.
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