Teens charged after two Tomball Walmart customers hit with darts

TOMBALL, TX (KTRK) -- Two customers at a Tomball Walmart were hit with darts in the parking lot, and now two teens are facing charges.

Cameron James Perry, 18, and Clay Vittrup, 18, are both charged with felony aggravated assault.

According to investigators, back on January 16, a 72-year-old Eva Cook was riding a scooter from Walmart at 22605 Tomball Parkway to her car in the parking lot when she was hit with a dart.

"I thought what on earth. Where did that come from? The the longer I thought about it, I thought who would do this," said Cook.

According to court documents, about five minutes later, a 10-year-old boy was struck on the back of his right upper arm with a dart.

"It makes me sad that young kids like that don't have anything else better to do," said Cook.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video from the Walmart, which showed a Nissan extended cab pickup near each of the two victims when they were hit.

Further investigation led them to Vittrup as the driver of the pickup and Perry as the passenger. When they interviewed Vittrup the first time, he said he was with Perry and another friend to drop that other friend off to cash a check.

According to court documents, Vittrup told them that once the friend was out of the truck, Perry shot the woman with a dart from a blowgun, however Vittrup told investigators that he didn't know what Perry was doing.

When detectives spoke with Perry, he said he was with Vittrup in the truck, but denied any knowledge of the blowgun, even questioning what that is.

A closer look at surveillance video showed the a passenger side window down when each victim was hit. Investigators also say that the truck would speed up once the victims were hit.

Investigators spoke with Vittrup again, who said it was Perry who shot the woman, but again said he didn't know Perry was going to do it. Vittrup said he didn't know that the boy was hit.
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